DIT shorts courses brochure

DIT Short Courses

Based on the previous design made for the Chinese and 4 languages brochures for the School of Languages, we designed the new leaflet for DIT short courses.

DIT Chinese languages brochure Webiwant

DIT Chinese courses

This leaflet presents the BA Honours Chinese and International Business which is a full-time four year Honours Degree programme for people interested in learning Chinese and developing a career in International Business.

Designed with Illustrator, this brochure used some pictures of DIT School of Languages website that Webiwant created.

DIT four languages brochure Webiwant

DIT 4 Languages

This leaflet presents the DT 558 BA Honours – International Business and Languages which is  a full-time Honours Degree programme for non-native speakers of English. The Ha’Penny bridge photo is coming from a shoot taken by Webiwant. Other photos come from the design of their website : School of Languages