David Loyer Dublin Ireland

David Loyer

I have been Freelance as web designer/web developer for the last 9 years in Dublin, Ireland. Originary from Britanny, I really enjoy the craic!

As multimedia engineer (Engineer Multimedia Audiovisual and Communication  IMAC – PARIS), I specialise in information and communication technologies (ICT). With 10 years of experience in this domain, I have created, developed and contributed to many multimedia, audiovisual and communication projects: Websites, TV Broadcasts, CD-ROM.
In this job, what I like most is the mixture of technical and creative aspects.
Because several aspects (technical, artistic and human) take place in a multimedia project, it’s crucial that the person you are talking to knows all of these aspects to thoroughly manage your project.

Music: Radiohead
Movie: Gran Torino
Book: L’écume des jours – Boris Vian
Hobbies: Indoor football, music

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Let me introduce you to my partners:


Gael Parent

Arriving from Nantes in France, I moved in Dublin back in 2006 with the project to improve my rusty English! 14 years later I have decided that the temporary trip to improve my language skills was actually not temporary any longer and I have now definitely settled on the Emerald Island…

My professional journey in Ireland led me to hold positions in the domain of project/event management (from educational projects to social events) with an added expertise on social media marketing and Web Content Management.

I really thrive when working on multimedia projects development and in particularly in the Education field (E-learning, Open Badges, Web resources, etc.).

As a project manager I see myself as a facilitator, the one who ‘puts oil in the cogs’ of the project or the event I am in charge with, providing leadership, guidance and expertise.

Neil O’Reilly online marketing expert

Neil O’Reilly

I have been in internet marketing for 7 years working in the united states, UK and Ireland. My main focus is SEO and online strategy. I’m am now working as a full time Freelance strategist with a group of highly skilled freelancers.

As an online marketer I have had a fantastic career path working with many of Ireland’s top brands both in house and agency side. This experience has allowed me to grow my skills and help brands to better engage with their consumers online .Company: Seo Services Dublin – Seo clients

Company: Seo Services Dublin- Seoclient
Music: The Dave Matthews Band
Movie: Once
Book: Purple Cow – Seth Godin Or Zag – Marty Neumeier
Hobbies: Weight Lifting , Music production, Slapping Da Bass Mon !

Aude Loyer graphics web designer

Aude Loyer

Aude Loyer is an amazing graphics designer and design project manager.Passionate about what she does, she constantly blows away her clients with her skills and as a result, she is very in demand by big French clients like ‘La Française des Jeux’ (French Lotto equivalent), IFEF (Family Employment Institute) etc…. She specialises in web (web design, newsletter design, animated cards – flash games, greeting cards etc.), and print (brochures, business cards). Splitting her time between Dublin and Paris, she loves the Celtic spirit !

Music: Regina Spektor
Movie: House of Flying Daggers
Book: Les Contemplations, Victor Hugo
Hobbies: Tennis, Theatre, Piano

Some of her clients:

Francaise des Jeux Aude Loyer Institut Fepem Aude clients Antea Aude Loyer's client

Fabien Morvan web developer project manager

Fabien Morvan

From beautiful south of Brittany, Fabien has been working for the last 2 years in both Dublin and Paris where he owns an IT company: Triskel Studio. It’s very simple, you can ask anything about IT and he will know the answer better than anyone. As a brilliant technical project manager and web developer, he‘s crazy about technology and he could spend 80 hours a week for your project if you are fortunate enough to work with him. And there is no project too big for him to hesitate a second about the best solution to make it happen!  He works with companies like Tagaro (Coca Cola, L’Oreal), CR Multimedia (Sanofi Aventis, Casino – supermarket, Cap Gemini, EDF – French ESB, Pasteur Institute, Research and Innovation European show), Cobize (French first online sales community).

Music: Tool
Movie: The  Machinist
Book: Carrion Comfort
Hobbies: Music & sports

Some of his clients

Tagaro Fabien Morvan clients

CR Multimedia Fabien Morvan clients

Cobize sales person community Fabien Morvan clients